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LOST Theories So you think you know some secrets of the island? Maybe you can explain everything. If it's original and you can back it up, we'd love to hear it.

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+ DHARMA/ABC Has you - Corporate Control and Absolute Power


Theory: Dharma and ABC are applying the same techniques of manipulation to the losties and to all of us.



"the societies of control operate
with machines of a third type, computers..."

"Many today say that new media technologies are ushering in a new era of enhanced freedom and that technologies of control are waning. This is supposedly due to the bidirectional quality of interactivity. Eugene Thacker and I say, on the contrary, that double the communication leads to double the control. Since interactive technologies such as the Internet are based on multidirectional rather than unidirectional command and control, we expect to see an exponential increase in the potential for exploitation and control through such techniques as monitoring, surveillance, biometrics, and gene therapy."

GILLES DELEUZE, From Disciplinary Societies to Societies of Control:

Foucault located the disciplinary societies in the eighteenth and 
nineteenth centuries; they reach their height at the outset of the 
twentieth. They initiate the organization of vast spaces of enclosure. The 
individual never ceases passing from one closed environment to another, 
each having its own laws: first the family; then the school ("you are no 
longer in your family"); then the barracks ("you are no longer at school"); 
then the factory; from time to time the hospital; possibly the prison, the 
preeminent instance of the enclosed environment.
These are the societies of control, which are in the process of replacing 
disciplinary societies. "Control" is the name Burroughs proposes as a term 
for the new monster, one that Foucault recognizes as our immediate 
future. Paul Virilio also is continually analyzing the ultrarapid forms of free-
floating control that replaced the old disciplines operating in the time 
frame of a closed system.
In the societies of control, on the other hand, what is important is no 
longer either a signature or a number, but a code: the code is a password.
The numerical language of control is made of codes that mark access to 
information, or reject it. We no longer find ourselves dealing with the 
mass/individual pair. Individuals have become "dividuals," and masses, 
samples, data, markets, or "banks." Perhaps it is money that expresses 
the distinction between the two societies best, since discipline always 
referred back to minted money that locks gold as numerical standard, 
while control relates to floating rates of exchange, modulated according to 
a rate established by a set of standard currencies.
In the present situation, capitalism is no longer involved in production, 
which it often relegates to the Third World, even for the complex forms of 
textiles, metallurgy, or oil production. It's a capitalism of higher-order 
production. It no-longer buys raw materials and no longer sells the finished 
products: it buys the finished products or assembles parts. What it wants 
to sell is services but what it wants to buy is stocks. This is no longer a 
capitalism for production but for the product, which is to say, for being 
sold or marketed. Thus is essentially dispersive, and the factory has given 
way to the corporation. The family, the school, the army, the factory are 
no longer the distinct analogical spaces that converge towards an owner-
-state or private power--but coded figures--deformable and 
transformable--of a single corporation that now has only stockholders. 
Even art has left the spaces of enclosure in order to enter into the open 
circuits of the bank. The conquests of the market are made by grabbing 
control and no longer by disciplinary training, by fixing the exchange rate 
much more than by lowering costs, by transformation of the product more 
than by specialization of production. Corruption thereby gains a new 
power. Marketing has become the center or the "soul" of the corporation. 
We are taught that corporations have a soul, which is the most terrifying 
news in the world. The operation of markets is now the instrument of 
social control and forms the impudent breed of our masters. Control is 
short-term and of rapid rates of turnover, but also continuous and without 
limit, while discipline was of long duration, infinite and discontinuous. Man 
is no longer man enclosed, but man in debt. It is true that capitalism has 
retained as a constant the extreme poverty of three-quarters of 
humanity, too poor for debt, too numerous for confinement: control will 
not only have to deal with erosions of frontiers but with the explosions 
within shanty towns or ghettos. 
The conception of a control mechanism, giving the position of any element 
within an open environment at any given instant (whether animal in a 
reserve or human in a corporation, as with an electronic collar), is not 
necessarily one of science fiction. Felix Guattari has imagined a city where 
one would be able to leave one's apartment, one's street, one's 
neighborhood, thanks to one's (dividual) electronic card that raises a given 
barrier; but the card could just as easily be rejected on a given day or 
between certain hours; what counts is not the barrier but the computer 
that tracks each person's position--licit or illicit--and effects a universal 


The dangers of a monopoly are too well known not only in the financial world. Whilst healthy competition produces improvements on a continuous basis, this can well be stifled by a monopoly. Then the incentive to move forward is reasonably small, also due to intense price cutting before the establishment of the monopoly


"Here Be Dragons" => “(Multiple Creature Objects)
(At this location (x = 0.0, y = 0.0, z = 0.0))”
Watch the movie

Your screen, with its windows and background, suggests that your computer only sends and receives data at your request. It suggests that you are that all-powerful user Microsoft invoked to sell its Internet Explorer by asking, “Where do you want to go today?” Using a packet sniffer, however, you can see that your computer constantly wanders without you. Even when you are not “using,” your computer sends and receives, stores and discards—that is, reads—packets, which mostly ask and respond to the question “can you read me?” These packets are anything but transparent to you, the user: not only must you install a sniffer to see them, you must also translate them from hexadecimal


Windows 2000 supports several protocols for verifying the identities of users who claim to have accounts on the system.

Benefits of Kerberos Authentication
Faster connections
Mutual authentication
Delegated authentication
Simplified trust management

The Kerberos protocol relies heavily on an authentication technique involving shared secrets. The basic concept is quite simple: If a secret is known by only two people, then either person can verify the identity of the other by confirming that the other person knows the secret.

For example, let's suppose that Alice often sends messages to Bob and that Bob needs to be sure that a message from Alice really has come from Alice before he acts on its information. They decide to solve their problem by selecting a password, and they agree not to share this secret with anyone else. If Alice's messages can somehow demonstrate that the sender knows the password, Bob will know that the sender is Alice.
The only question left for Alice and Bob to resolve is how Alice will show that she knows the password. She could simply include it somewhere in her messages, perhaps in a signature block at the end—Alice, Our$ecret.

This would be simple and efficient and might even work if Alice and Bob can be sure that no one else is reading their mail. Unfortunately, that is not the case. Their messages pass over a network used by people like Carol, who has a network analyzer and a hobby of scanning traffic in hope that one day she might spot a password. So it is out of the question for Alice to prove that she knows the secret simply by saying it. To keep the password secret, she must show that she knows it without revealing it.

The Kerberos protocol solves this problem with secret key cryptography. Rather than sharing a password, communication partners share a cryptographic key, and they use knowledge of this key to verify one another's identity. For the technique to work, the shared key must be symmetric—a single key must be capable of both encryption and decryption. One party proves knowledge of the key by encrypting a piece of information, the other by decrypting it.

Creating fake websites, rewriting history to match a metafiction.

The critical theory presents itself as a valuable research tool in tracing the reason related to power relations in the production of information artifacts:

“Critical workers recognize capital’s growing control over information flow … Controlling information in this way enhances the corporation’s power… In this way corporations can better shape government policy, control public images of labor-management relations, and portray workers in a way that enhances the self-interest of management” (Kincheloe and McLaren, p. 279).

Even though Kincheloe and McLaren stress the role of power in the context of corporations and governments, the power relations shape the production of various information objects in all levels and corners of everyday life. How does then critical theory impact future historical research? If historical research elements are related to investigating the factuality of data and information (i.e., documents), the historical research of the future is becoming harder.

So it applies to the historical research of the present, as it is widely known that historians and scribers of the past were almost always under some type of control by their ‘employers’ or other social forces. It just happens that today’s controlling forces are mostly corporations. Research work is usually mostly funded by governments and corporate entities and as such has an element of control: the topic of research is not necessarily choice of the researchers when viewed from the bigger picture. Again, Kincheloe and McLaren point out the benefit of critical research: “Critical theory-based research can be exceedingly practical and can contribute to the progressive change on variety of levels such as: production of more useful and relevant research on work, legitimating of work knowledge, empowerment of workers, forced reorganization of the workplace, inspiration of the democratization of science, undermining of technical rationality, promotion of an awareness of worker cognition” (p.283-85).

The historical research task has been further complicated by the pervasiveness of electronic publishing and dissemination of documents and other information objects and material. Apart from the fact that tracing of facts in electronic landscape could be considered more difficult or easier depending on the technical proficiency and literacy of the researcher as well as the huge amount of resources available, electronic transmissions is further exacerbated by the generation of “new formations of cultural space and restructure experiences of time” (Kincheloe and McLaren, p.270).

This new social reality is termed as ‘hyperreality’ by Kincheloe and McLaren: “Hyperreality is term used to describe an information society socially saturated with eve-increasing form of representation: filmic, photographic, electronic, and so on” (p.269)

Brave New World is both earlier and more frightening than 1984 While 1984 was written at the beginning of the Cold War and catapulted into literary immortality by decades of fear of communism, Brave New World was written in a simpler time and has a more frightening warning. In the "brave new world" of the future, social stability is the highest goal. It is enforced by an intensive eugenics program that divides people into categories -- the brilliant Alphas to the moronic Gammas. The classes are played against each other and kept happy with a wonder drug called "soma". Considering its age, this book is truly frightening, because our society seems to be blundering in its direction. With our Ritalin and Prozac, class divisions, and genetic engineering, how far are we from the Brave New World?

The spiritual matrix
The Matrix is a system of control based on thought reading, on the Pavlovian association of ideas and on the manipulation of language and doubletalk.

It is also based on subliminal techniques of control that "fishes" from your mind trivial answers about your ordinary life that your manipulators already know.

It intentionally explores mathematical similarities between your life and the very lives of the Intelligences behind the masks.

It produces feelings of self-pity by artificially creating elements that have a strong similarity with aspects of your past.

It uses the structure of the human memory - that organizes similar information in different stacks and puts them on top of each other - to generate a bubble-like sensation on the mind of the targeted persons, through the association of ideas between their very lives and the elements (words, ideas, facts, events, experiences, traumas) that are on top of your memory stacks.

It projects artificially images during the night inside your dreams, manipulating symbols and archetypes.

It manipulates - and sometimes distorts - present society values (like money, sex, success, fame, intellectual recognition, and professional fulfillment, among others) in order to generate in your mind "dreams" that you have never imagined you'd have.

It is a system apparently designed to suppress from your heart the true feeling of Love, in order to induce you to "lose your soul". However, if you succeed in always following your heart, you end spiritualizing yourself more and more and can eventually awake your kundalini energy and enlighten yourself.

The Matrix is a system that shapes realities around you based on your own feelings, fears, desires, expectations, beliefs, emotions and thoughts.

It is an interactive system that updates dynamically new ideas depending on your responses to the previous ones. It is a system that is constantly working over exceptions, apparently trying to find a glitch in your beliefs.


1984 is used so often as an example of the faults of dictatorship as to be cliche. Perhaps the most frightening thing about the novel is the way the totalitarian government uses its monopoly on the media to change the past: "He who controls the past, controls the future." We as a society must constantly be on guard against this tactic, whether it is used by politicians or corporations. We must be especially vigilant about this, as our cultural history is in the hands of only about five huge corporations. We may yet stumble into Big Brother, which is why books like 1984 are vital to keep people on their toes.

Disney is one of these corporations.

Baudrillard: Counterfeits, Products, Simulations
Virtual Narration
P.K. Dick

Christo's wrappings
The wrapping or surrounding of familiar objects, the curtaining off of familiar views, the intervention of fabric where one least expects it undermines our comfortable residence with the accustomed and creates a sense of dislocation.

This substitution of a more ambivalent than unfamiliar presence for the predictable is one of the key elements of their work. Yet the wrapping, draping, surrounding, or veiling action of the fabric does not dissolve the known. Rather it recontextualizes it within a variety of corresponding associations.

THE FIGHT HAS BEGUN! What are you going to choose?

These are my earlier attempts to apply Skepticism to the LOST-verse:
An empirical skeptic is one who refuses to accept certain kinds of claims without subjecting them to a systematic investigation. For many empirical skeptics, this process is akin to the scientific method. This does not mean that the empirical skeptic is necessarily a scientist who conducts live experiments (though this may be the case), but that the skeptic generally accepts claims that are in his/her view likely to be true based on testable hypotheses and critical thinking.
The unreliable narrator.
The island is a prison.
14 characters in search of an author.

Have you got a thread which exposes Dharma as a authoritarian regime and and what is happening on the island as a dystopian society?
Please add your a link to your thread here.
THank you. "Namasté".
Who's the unreliable narrator of Lost? The EMC.
Epiphenomenal Mitochondrial Consciousness.

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Re: DHARMA/ABC Has you - Corporate Control and Absolute Power




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Re: DHARMA/ABC Has you - Corporate Control and Absolute Power

Good example JMB. How about "Blade Runner"?


In a futuristic society where corporations have replaced countries, the violent game of Rollerball is used to control the populace by demonstrating the futility of individuality.

The year is 2018. There is no crime and there are no more wars. Corporations are now the leaders of the world, as well as the controllers of the people.
Who's the unreliable narrator of Lost? The EMC.
Epiphenomenal Mitochondrial Consciousness.
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Re: DHARMA/ABC Has you - Corporate Control and Absolute Power

I'm pretty sure it's just ABC and their facination with being Corp. Nazi's.

Listening To SUBLIME "Get Out!"
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Re: DHARMA/ABC Has you - Corporate Control and Absolute Power

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Re: DHARMA/ABC Has you - Corporate Control and Absolute Power


Neither the past, nor the present, nor the future exists in its own right.
Reality is in the human mind, not in the individual mind which makes mistakes and soon perishes, but in the mind of the Party, which is collective and immortal.
Why are the losties banished from Dharma's benefits?
Because they are still attached to their pasts.

The past is forbidden. Why?
Because when we can cut man from his own past...
then we can cut him from his family, his children, other men.
There is no loyalty, except loyalty to the Party.
There is no love, except love of Big Brother.
All competing pleasures, we will destroy.
lf you want a vision of the future, imagine a boot stamping on a human face forever.
And how about this as a therapy?

''How does one man assert power over another?''
By making him suffer.
Exactly. Obedience is not enough.
Power is inflicting pain and humiliation.
Otherwise, you cannot be sure.
Power is tearing human minds apart and putting them together again
in new shapes of your own choosing.
Power is not a means, it is an end.
ln our world, there will only be triumph and self-abasement.
Everything else, we shall destroy.

What happens when the "therapy" is over?
LIW has pointed out that once a person is willing to move forward on the island then he/she is automatically killed.

We do not destroy the heretic because he resists us.
As long as he resists us, we never destroy him.
We make him one of ourselves before we kill him.
We make his brain perfect before we blow it out.
Who's the unreliable narrator of Lost? The EMC.
Epiphenomenal Mitochondrial Consciousness.
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Re: DHARMA/ABC Has you - Corporate Control and Absolute Power

Blade Runner the movie is, I think, more personally existential than a societal comment. The original short (Do Androids Dream of Electic Sheep?) is more geared toward societal critique.

Key exchange from Rollerball:

BARTHOLOMEW: You know how the game serves us. It has a definite social purpose. Nations are bankrupt, gone. None of that tribal warfare any more. Even the corporate wars are a thing of the past.

JONATHAN E: I know that...

BARTHOLOMEW: So now we have the majors and their executives. Transport, food, communication, housing, luxury, energy. A few of us making decisions on a global basis for the common good. The team is a unit. It plays with certain rhythms. So does an executive team, Jonathan. Now everyone has all the comforts, you know that. No poverty, no sickness. No needs and many luxuries, which you enjoy just as if you were in the executive class. Corporate society takes care of everything. And all it asks of anyone, all it has ever asked of anyone ever, is not to interfere with management decisions.
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Re: DHARMA/ABC Has you - Corporate Control and Absolute Power

Disney does own ABC.

Corporate control through pleasure, entertainment.

I instinctively decided that I wouldn't get caught up in the Lost add-ons: webmaze, hanso commercial, etc. Too much of my time is spent here as it is. The line has to be drawn somewhere.

When you blindly give up your free will to a higher authority, be sure you are not also giving up control of your ultimate destiny. - from The Outer Limits, 1995 "A New Life"
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Re: DHARMA/ABC Has you - Corporate Control and Absolute Power

Lace: This is so absolutely fabulous I don't know where to begin! I've long felt that the "sickness" was like addiction to the show. But the metaphor you've constructed works on so many different levels...bravo!

I'll simply add that I find it fascinating the way we fans have become a kind of collective consciousness through our dissection of the show. Now the webmaze, spoilers, and various hoaxes threaten to compromise the integrity of that consciousness.

I wonder if something similar happened on the Island...
Read all my theories at Eye M Sick...

The poster formerly known as awsecond. Somehow, bigmouth seems more appropriate...

Where does Vincent go?
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Re: DHARMA/ABC Has you - Corporate Control and Absolute Power

By the way, while you were all arguing about purgatory, I stole the guns.
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