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LOST Theories So you think you know some secrets of the island? Maybe you can explain everything. If it's original and you can back it up, we'd love to hear it.

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+ Travelling Through Time - A Reason For Flashbacks & Mirroring

I've been lurking on and off since about halfway through Season 1. I finally decided to post this, because it's something that I haven't seen spelled out or considered deeply yet in any of the Lost communities. I'm certainly not at the same level of fandom that I believe most of you are - I'm a little more obsessive than the average viewer, but I definitely don't possess the knowledge of the show that I've seen many of you display on these boards.

I wanted to post this here, because - from what I know, at least - I believe it's a sound theory. No less sound than any of the other theories going around at this point. Hopefully, someone who actually does have a deep knowledge of the show can shed additional light on whether the theory is (or isn't) possible.

Theories behind time travel and black holes are something that, at this point, seem to be as definite as anything on the show gets. The writers and producers have dropped numerous hints about the idea, the last episode seemed to reinforce it, and (as far as I'm concerned) it starts to answer a lot of the questions on the show.

I would propose that, on the "island," time is travelling backwards at the moment.

Now - be warned, the theories and supporting facts that follow this are sketchy at best. They're all over the place. But maybe something good will come out of them (or someone will be able to tell me exactly why my idea is impossible).

Also, I'm not going to go too deeply into the idea of time travel in general. If you're not down with the idea, if you don't buy it, then.. this isn't the place to start, I guess. I'm almost entirely convinced at this point that time travel is occuring, at least in some sense, so this may only be interesting to other people who share this belief.

1. Desmond's "flashback"

From what I've understood out of what I've read, concerning black holes and other related theories, the sudden release of an electromagnetic field (Desmond turning the key) would release a huge rush of energy and cause time to move much more aggressively.

If you are travelling through time, then as you approach the speed of light (approach event horizon) time slows. As you reach event horizon, it stops. After you've passed the speed of light, everything appears to move in reverse. So, if time is moving more aggressively in reverse, then this would explain the reasoning behind Desmond's quick move into the past.

Maybe Desmond snaps back into regular island-time when the electromagnetic pulse begins to fade. Or maybe there's something else to it. But it offers an explanation of why Desmond would travel so far backwards through time.

2. Flashbacks as a story element

I've suspected for awhile that the flashbacks were more than what they appeared to be - at least in terms of the writing and the overall theme of the show. If the mystery of the island is the central focal point of the show, then why bother with flashbacks? Characters could be developed just as easily without resorting to flashbacks. We could've learned most of the things that we've learned about the Losties without the aid of flashbacks. But the writers of the show have made a very specific attempt to split each episode into two halves - the present, and the past.

Now - if time were travelling backwards, maybe it wouldn't be that the flashbacks were just that. Maybe the flashbacks are another view of the present. After all, if you begin to travel backwards in time, then from that moment on there are two of you existing - the you that existed before you passed event horizon, and the you that exists after. The hole here is that, chronologically, I don't think that this works because then the flashbacks would have to progress further and further back in time as the show went on.

3. Reversed/mirrored images and audio throughout

There have been a slew of shots in Lost that are mirrored - the most recent example being Penny's father's office in Desmond's flashback. There has been a large amount of reversed audio - Walt talking backwards, the whispers being backwards, the backwards mantra that was repeated in Karl's brainwashing room.

If time on the island is travelling in reverse, then maybe this would explain (or at least begin to explain) the reasoning for all of these things happening. Is Walt able to pass through time somehow? Is this what makes him "special"?

So then what?

Since the show began, there's been a heavy emphasis on time and a heavier emphasis on the idea of opposites - black and white, right and wrong, good and evil. Why not forwards and backwards? It seems like the one set of basic contrasts that hasn't been considered.

So I think it brings up some interesting ideas and gives birth to some interesting theories. As far as we know, in the year 2007, no means for time travel exist. And as far as I've seen, Dharma/Hanso/etc don't exist on earth today. So instead of the writers making up a corporation and saying that, for the past 30 years, it's existed in our world - why not propose that it happens in the future?

Take this into consideration:

Juliet says that she's been on the island for 3 years, 2 months, and 28 days. We've assumed that this meant that she arrived on the island on September 5th, 2001. What if she arrived in January of 2008? What if her flashback took place in 2007? That would be one hell of a plot twist to unveil next season - they could do it closer to February 2008, too, right during sweeps.

Time travel doesn't exist in our world, yet, as far as anyone knows. Is it totally preposterous that someone might have invented it by 2050 (probably yes, but bear with me)? Henry Gale's been living on the island for his entire life. What if, instead of being born in the 1960-70, he were born in the future and has been travelling backwards his entire life?

Maybe "Dharma A", travelling backwards, has a way to inform "Dharma B", travelling forward, of what's about to happen.

If Dharma & Co were actually from the future, it would explain how they had knowledge of things that Jack & Co didn't. The video recording of the Red Sox winning the world series, for example, could've been in their video archives for twenty years before Henry showed it to Jack. It would also explain why none of the Losties had ever heard of "Apollo" candy bars before, but why they were on the bus that killed Julia's ex-husband.

Henry said, "God doesn't know how long we've been here, John. He can't see this island any better than the rest of the world can."

So - their flight crashed months ago - wouldn't it make sense that nobody would be able to find them if their timeline curved backwards starting at the plane crash? Is it possible that the "island" is really just a black hole, swallowing random objects and making them "disappear" from the earth forever? Is it possible that, maybe, time isn't just going backwards, but looping forwards and backwards?

In the end, I realize that this is a theory that doesn't make the most obvious conclusion about some things. But if Lost has taught us anything about itself, hasn't it taught us to stop taking things at face value?

If you made it through all of this, thank you, and I'm sorry if you feel like I just wasted 15 minutes of your life. Any responses, at all, would be terrific.
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Re: Travelling Through Time - A Reason For Flashbacks & Mirroring

I will happily be the first to reply, and to welcome you here into the delicious maze of the Theories section of LOST-TV!

I think your theory is entirely plausible. I have noticed many times a blending of time periods within flaskbacks...meaning, sometimes their flashbacks are obviously happening in the 1980s or 1990s, but right in the middle of a scene there will appear a car that is newer (current model), and that is only one small example.

But I really noticed this in the episode "I Do" with Kate's backstory of when she got married. So much of the decor, and her hairstyle, and the background scenes looked almost 1960s, but then she calls the marshal (from an ancient looking pay phone) and he answers and is working on a very modern computer with flatscreen monitor. Her entire house is decorated so 1960s-70s that it looks original, not like some decorator did it to make it look *vintage*. Kate's hair looks very 1960s but her wedding dress is very 2007, yet she is getting married sometime in the timeframe between 1989 and 1999 because her husband's Miami Heat tshirt is sporting their original logo from that timeframe, and his tshirt looks brand new, not old and wash worn like he'd been wearing it all these years since that time period.

What I am getting at is that it seems backward time movement could be possible, which would explain why we see very modern elements overlapped into scenes of earlier years.

again, Welcome!
Liz-trouve-verlorene Liz-found-LOST
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Re: Travelling Through Time - A Reason For Flashbacks & Mirroring

Come to think of it, didn't Kate have a very new-looking vintage rock T-shirt when she is buying the bus ticket?

And as many have noted, the hatch has modern appliances, old computers.

Danielle's cabin has very old objects and signs. Where are they from? Certainly they are not just 16 years old.

Even the music played veers between oldies to Oasis.

A great post! Welcome! You sound pretty knowledgable to me, Akzidenz.
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Re: Travelling Through Time - A Reason For Flashbacks & Mirroring

first of all, welcome Akzidenz!

i actually read your entire post word for word, and understood it! =)
it was really well written and thought out.

i gotta admit i'm not one of the great analysts on here.. cuz i'm not that great at it, to be honest.

but i figure if what you said makes sense to me, then i would think it should be entirely plausible in the realm of Lostdom.

anyway- really good first post.

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Re: Travelling Through Time - A Reason For Flashbacks & Mirroring

scruffy dimples, what a great avatar of Sawyer's ga-hor-geous face there are lots of photos of him out there, but that's a good one!

Anyway, back to the thread theme, if LOST did ever lend itself to time travel on a regular basis, this is the kind that would interest me and not seem dorky like "going back in time" or "back to the future" type time travel. What I mean is, literally like crawling backwards, like the unwinding of something, where modern elements are then bleeding into past vintage elements because that is the way time is flowing.... like a multi-tiered fountain where one layer of water joins the layer below it, which joins the layer below it, and so on, with the upper layer of water in the fountain representing modern time.
Liz-trouve-verlorene Liz-found-LOST
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