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LOST: The Search for Answers Join us as we rewatch episode by episode in our Search for Answers.

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Exclamation LOST: SFA: The Answers So Far (Links to Every Poll!)

In this post, you will find an archive of every question posed in the Search For Answers, and the current winning answer to each question.

Remember, the polls never close, so it is always possible that new voters might cause some of these answers to change over time. Each question is a direct link to the thread and/or poll where you can vote or discuss it!

The answers so far...

Season 1

1.01 "The Pilot" part 1
Why did smokie kill the pilot? QQ1
A: To scare the Losties and keep them from exploring too much.
Was Smokie alone making all that noise and flattening trees? QQ1
A: It was Smokey, but may have split apart in order to cover more distance, or it simply moved quickly.
Why was the tennis shoe there and how close to the beach was it? QQ1
A: The shoe is Christian's, it is near the beach camp.

1.02 "The Pilot" part 2:
What is Locke's secret that he told to Walt in "The Pilot?" QQ1
A: That he can walk again, whereas he was crippled before the crash.
What was the nature of the Marshal and Kate's mysterious relationship? QQ1
A: Mars once trusted Kate, believed her story, and she betrayed his trust. This caused his obsession.
Why so much duplicated dialogue? QQ1
Why was Claire's baby not moving after the crash, but then started moving again? QQ1
A: Kid was fine, she was just freaking out a little. Decreased fetal movement happens all the time.
What is the island? QQ1
A: A place where miracles happen; of wish-fulfillment; of emotional and conceptual fusion & fission.
Why does the tape on Charlie's necklace switch places? QQ1
A: The screen image is flipped for editing reasons.
What was the meaning and/or purpose of Danielle's recorded message? QQ2
A: It was intended to summon help, possibly from whoever Danielle imagined had built the radio tower.
Why did Brennan take the keys? QQ2
A: Brennan was actually MiB, who by that point had killed Brennan and assumed his form.
What keys did Brennan take? QQ2
A: Keys to the radio tower room door. Without them, she could no longer lock the door & be safe inside.
Who is the message intended for? It offers no useful location data that would help a rescue team find the island. It only describes landmarks that people already familiar with the island would know. QQ2
A: It was for anyone who happened to be flying over the Island or any rescue boats who were be nearby.
Why would Danielle try to go to the Black Rock? Nothing useful seems to be there, except some old dynamite. QQ2
A: Dynamite is an effective weapon, & the Black Rock is a landmark to anyone familiar with the Island.
Why does Danielle say "it killed them all?" when from what we know, SHE killed them all? QQ2
A: She thinks they were infected by a sickness that forced her to kill them, thus "it" is responsible.
If Danielle is the only one left, why does she say "please help US?" QQ2
A: She is pregnant with Alex, "us" refers to her and her unborn child.
If "they are all dead," why does Danielle seem to indicate that Brennan is still alive, and took the keys? QQ2

1.03 "Tabula Rasa"
Why did Hurley not want to go into the fuselage filled with b-o-d-y-s? QQ1
A: Because "It's pretty grim in there.” He offers this explanation in the self-same line of dialogue.
Why did Sawyer shoot the Marshal? QQ1
A: He thought no one else had the stomach, that he was doing them a favor, & to make him more hated.

1.04 "Walkabout"
Who or what miraculously healed Locke from his paralysis? QQ1
A: Locke was healed by The Island itself.
What is the purpose of the Monster's first encounter with Locke in "Walkabout?" QQ1
A: Smokey took the first step in his plan by scanning Locke and briefly showing him The Source.
Why would Smokey bother with infecting people, when he can just kill them outright? QQ1
A: Not infection. MiB used psychology to turn people against each other, to indirectly kill Candidates.
Why did John Locke for the most part keep his miraculous healing a secret? QQ1
A: He felt his ability to walk again was like a private connection between himself and the Island.
Who/what was "Phone Helen" in Walkabout? QQ1
A: "Phone Helen" is a phone sex worker.

1.05 "White Rabbit"
Why can't Claire find any hairbrushes? QQ1
A: Sawyer was stockpiling things he thought people would need. He probably had all the hairbrushes.
What was meant by having Boone say to Jack, "Who appointed you our savior?" QQ1
A: From the writers' perspective, it was foreshadowing. From Boone's perspective, it was sarcasm.
Why does Charlie say "I don't swim," when in fact he does? QQ1
A: He's lying out of fear and at this point in the show he's still his druggy self-absorbed self.
What was the deal with the "Christian" that Jack followed into the jungle in "White Rabbit?" QQ2
A: MiB led Jack off a cliff, then to an empty coffin to confuse him, but WASN'T helping him find water.
How did Locke manage to be in the right place at the right time to save Jack from falling? QQ2
A: Locke found Jack's trail, tracked him, & then followed him discreetly just in case Jack needed help.

1.06 "House of the Rising Sun"
Why did Sun keep her ability to speak and understand English a secret for so long? QQ1
A: She didn't want Jin to find out about her double life.
When and how did Locke learn where Charlie's guitar was? QQ1
A: Locke ran across the guitar while hunting/exploring. He had a habit of looking up at the sky.
Why did Sun decide to run away to America? QQ1
A: They were all ready going there so it was the perfect opportunity.
Why do people refer to "The Island" as if it were an entity, with a will of its own? QQ2
A: The Island was thought of as a single entity but was really a gestalt of many supernatural entities.
What is Kate's shirt full of? QQ2
A: That's sexist.

1.07 "The Moth"
How did Charlie escape from the cave-in the first time so easily? QQ1
A: Charlie was closer to the entrance, and Jack was quickly pinned by a rock.
Why did Locke knock out Sayid and destroy his equipment? QQ1
A: Locke tried to destroy all means of escape, because he felt they were brought there for a purpose.

1.08 "Confidence Man"
Why did Sawyer allow the torture when he did not have the inhaler? QQ1
A: He feels guilt for cons he pulled and finds it easier to be hated and tortured than understood.

1.09 "Solitary"
What exactly IS the infection/sickness? QQ1
A: The infection/sickness means to be claimed by an evil malevolent entity, presumably Smokey.
Why did Sayid say Nadia was dead because of him, when he knows for a fact she is alive? QQ1
A: Sayid was lying to Danielle, because he hoped an appeal for sympathy would gain him an advantage.
Why does Danielle say "There's no such thing as monsters?" QQ1
A: She doesn’t think it’s a monster, she thinks it was a security system, because Robert told her that.
Why are there so many discrepancies in Danielle's story? QQ1
A: She wasn’t insane, but her mind was mixed up and “garbled” due to time disorientation and isolation.
What's the deal with the whispers? QQ1
A: The whispers are dead people who can't move on.

1.10 "Raised by Another"
Why was Malkin starting to cry, right after he gave Claire her ticket for Flight 815? QQ1
A: He knew Flight 815 would crash, & that he might be dooming Claire to a violent and nasty death.
Why does Ethan say his last name is "Rom,” when his parents are Amy and Horace Goodspeed? QQ1
A: So his name could be "Other Man".
What was the significance and/or meaning of Claire's dream? QQ1
A: It foreshadows season 6. The black eye shows he's Smokey, who convinced Claire leave Aaron.
Why is Hugo nicknamed "Hurley?" QQ1
A: Because his name starts with "H," and he has curly hair.
Who or what is responsible for the content of the mysterious Dreams?
A: The Island, with a little help from dead people.

1.11 "All the Best Cowboys Have Daddy Issues"
How did Ethan drag off Charlie & Claire, & hang Charlie, & fake a trail, & attack Jack? QQ1
A: There were more Others in the jungle who came and helped Ethan.
How did Locke find the Hatch? QQ1
A: Luck.
Why did the victim's pregnancy change Jack's decision & does it relate to Island pregnancies? QQ2
A: This final death, & the fact that Christian knew about it all along, was the last straw for Jack.
How did Locke know it was going to rain? QQ2
A: Because of his attunement to the island, he intuitively knew it would rain.

1.12 "Whatever the Case May Be"
Why does Sayid ask Shannon to translate Danielle's map, & then say parts are best left untranslated? QQ2
A: Sayid wants the map translated but is warning of potential ramblings of a crazy french woman.
Why was the Marshal carrying four handguns, plus ammo, in the suitcase with Kate's toy plane? QQ2
A: He had extra guns in case Kate was able to disarm him. She's dangerous.
Why does the tide shift so suddenly, rising in so short a time? QQ2
A: We're seeing the Island's first major "move" since the Losties crashed. The Island is always moving.

1.13 "Hearts and Minds"
Where did Locke get the idea to use wacky paste? QQ2
A: His time in the marijuana farming commune and their use of the smoke/steam hut.
What did Locke mean by, "Is that what it made you see?" QQ2
Why does Locke think the Hatch is so important, in Season 1? QQ2
A: He believes he's been led there by the Island, I don't think he has anything specific in mind.
What does Locke mean, in regards to "our side?" QQ2
A: Locke just means himself and Boone's side.
What does Locke mean by "They're not ready. They won't understand it." What's the problem? QQ2
A: He just said that because he didn't want to share it with anyone, thinking they might interfer.
Why does Locke tie up Boone and leave him in the jungle? QQ2
A: Locke felt Boone, his protege, needed a trial of faith and skill.
Why does Locke say he doesn't need his compass anymore? QQ2
A: He was spending so much time at the hatch he wouldn't need it to travel anymore.
What's the deal with Locke's "defective" compass?
A: The strange magnetic properties of the island causes compasses to give inaccurate readings.

1.14 "Special"
What was the exact nature of Walt's "specialness"?
In Lost, what does it mean to be "special?"
What is Locke implying by "You can't hear everything?"
A: BOTH that the whistle is ultrasonic, AND also that Boone needs to open his mind to new possibilites.
What's the deal with Claire's dream about the Black Rock that won't let her leave?
A: Claire's dream foreshadow's Season 6 when the black rock (which is the MiB) won't let her leave.
Why does Locke think to give Michael a pencil?
A: Locke knew Michael was building the raft and would need to sketch it out, and make cutting lines.
What's the nature of the "Golden Pontiac?"
A: The Golden Pontiac is driven by Jacob.

1.15 "Homecoming"
How was Ethan able to sneak into camp, break Scott's bones, and then sneak out again?
A: He swam to shore, broke Scott's neck from behind, and used doctor's skills to break the other bones.
Why such a major difference in Jack & Ethan's fighting abilities this time compared to before?
A: Jack's surprise attack, prior battle, & Ethan's frustration @ being surrounded led to Jack's win.
Why does Charlie act like he can't use a firearm, when apparently he does know how to use one?
A: It's not hard to shoot a handgun for the first time to kill a man standing in right front of you.

1.16 "Outlaws"
What was the deal with that boar-with-a-vendetta? Was it MiB?
A: It was just a boar.
If the whispers are people who can't move on then why would Duckett's whisper be here on the island?
A: It's Sawyer's subconscience, not a whisper.

1.17 "...In Translation"
How did Locke know that Walt burned the raft?
A: Wisdom and deductive reasoning made Locke believe that Walt wished to remain on the island also.
In "...In Translation," why did Sun speak to Jin in English when she knew he didn't understand it?
A: She wanted to say it out loud but didn't want him to actually understand it.

1.18 "Numbers"
What is the meaning and/or significance of the Numbers?
How did Locke know it was Claire's birthday?
A: Locke is good at figuring people out, telling Claire "I'm good at putting bits and pieces together."
Why do you think the writers put so many Easter eggs of the actual numbers in the episode "numbers?"
A: The writers wanted to keep up the intrigue of the narrative and increase the story's mythos.

1.19 "Deus ex Machina"
Why did Locke lose his ability to walk, in "Deus Ex Machina?"
A: The Island temporarily took Locke's ability to walk, to prevent him from climbing up to the plane.
What's the reason for Locke's dream in "Deus ex Machina, and who/what is responsible for it?
A: To manipulate Locke. MiB was responsible.

1.20 "Do No Harm"
What did Boone want to tell Shannon, right before he died?
A: "Tell Shannon that I love her."

1.21 "The Greater Good"
Why did Locke still lie about the Hatch even at gunpoint, when he came clean about everything else?
A: He intuited from the Island that he was supposed to keep the Hatch a secret for as long as he could.

1.22 "Born to Run"
Why did Walt decide that they do have to leave on the raft?
A: Walt had a sixth sense about danger ahead & sensed that he & Michael might perish if they stay.
Why did Walt tell Locke not to open "that thing?"
A: Walt sensed that the Hatch was where his father would become a murderer, and that horrified him.
Who wrote the letter to Kate about her mom having cancer?
A: Sgt. Sam Austen

1.23 "Exodus" part 1
Why don't the Australian cops know Sawyer killed Duckett, when they seem to know everything else?
A: The murder was recent, there was no reason to suspect him. Other info was from his criminal record.
What SPECIFICALLY is a Smoke Monster?
A: An entity created by fusion of MiB's spirit with a powerful force of darkness in the Island's heart.
Who lit the black smoke fire at the end of Season 1, and why did they light it?
A: Danielle created a pillar of black smoke to boost fear about the Others.

1.24 "Exodus" part 2 and 3
Why did the Smoke Monster try to drag Locke down a hole?
A: Smokamotive was attempting to "possess" Locke's body, like it did with Robert.
Why didn't Locke think the Smoke Monster would kill him?
A: Locke didn't think it would harm him because he associated it with the Island, which he trusts.

Season 2

2.01 "Man of Science, Man of Faith"

2.02 "Adrift"
Why does Desmond ask about sickness when he's already been outside & seen the hole in Kelvin's suit?
A: It's one of these deals where "if you're not 100% sure..."

2.03 "Orientation"
Why did Des run instead of using the failsafe key, when the computer broke in "Orientation?

2.04 "Everybody Hates Hugo"
Why do Jack and Sayid try to get to the other side of the "incident" wall in The Swan?"
A: They are just generally trying to understand what is up with the Swan station
When Sayid explores under the Hatch floor, why doesn't he find the System Termination switch?
A: It was a different area not connected to the underground areas where Sayid was exploring.
In Hurley's dream, was Jin speaking English or Korean?

2.05 "...And Found"
What does the Korean "Destiny Book" tell us about the relevance of Destiny on "Lost"?
A: It was thematic of destiny as a sign that can be followed, or not.

2.06 "Abandoned"
Why does Libby say she's a clinical psychologist?
A: Because she WAS a clinical psychologist.
What is the nature of "wet Walt?"
A: It was actually Walt.
Was Shannon being warned by "Wet Walt," or was he leading her to her death?
A: "Wet Walt" was trying to warn her.

2.07 "The Other 48 Days"
Why is Nathan considered not a good person by Goodwin, and why does that keep him off the list?
Why were 3 taken on the first night, when Ben isn't expecting lists until 3 days have passed?
What's the significance of the items (blankets, glass eye, radio, bible, & film) in The Arrow?

2.08 "Collision"

2.09 "What Kate Did"
Why did Sawyer (seem to) speak with Wayne's voice?
A: It was Kate's delusion, in retrospect.
What was the deal with the mysterious horse/horses in "What Kate Did"
A: Real horse on the Island; similarity between off- & on-Island horses was coincidence intended by Darlton.

2.10 "The 23rd Psalm"

2.11 "The Hunting Party"

2.12 "Fire + Water"
What was the loud noise just as the bird flew out toward Charlie?
A: It's heaven being torn open with a thunderclap as the dove descends.
What was the source of Charlie's dreams?
A: The Island.

2.13 "The Long Con"

2.14 "One Of Them"

2.15 "Maternity Leave"

2.16 "The Whole Truth"

2.17 "Lockdown"
What was Radzinsky's original purpose for creating the invisible Blast Door Map?

2.18 "Dave"
Exactly what was Dave on The Island?
A: Man in Black trying to trick Hurley into killing himself.
What was Dave OFF The Island?
A: He was just an imaginary friend/figment of Hurley's imagination.

2.19 "SOS"

2.20 "Two for the Road"

2.21 "?"
Who or what was the image of Yemi in the dreams, and what was the source of the dreams?
A: It was MiB appearing as Yemi, and MiB caused the dream.
Who or what was the image of Yemi that spoke to Charlotte Malkin while she was "between places?"
A: It was Yemi's "ghost"

2.22 "Three Minutes"
What was the true purpose of the ORIGINAL Numbers Vaccine?
A: Subterfuge and misdirection. A placebo effect, it was not a real vaccine.
Why did Ms. Klugh say the Others couldn't rescue Ben from the Losties?

2.23 "Live Together, Die Alone"

Season 3

3.01 "A Tale of Two Cities"
What's the deal with Christian's voice on the intercom?
A: It really was ghost Christian talking to Jack.

3.02 "The Glass Ballerina"

3.03 "Further Instructions"
Why did the implosion blow off Desmond's clothes?
A: He should have been destroyed w/ his clothes, but he had "work to do" so the Island/Light saved him.
Why was Locke unable to speak before he had his vision?
A: The Island (or whatever caused the vision) prevented his speaking as a demonstration of its power.
Who or what was the image of Boone that Locke saw in his vision?
A: "Boone" was a manifestation of the Island, which also caused the dream.
Why was Locke sent on a mission to save Eko, when MiB kills Eko a short time later?
Why does Eddie say that Locke is "amenable for coercion?"
A: Eddie meant "cooperation" (or "manipulation") instead of "coercion."
What's the story with the toy truck in the cave where Eko was dragged?
A: The toy truck is there to show that the polar bear has killed humans, even children.
Is Locke a farmer or a hunter?
A: Hunter.
Who or what was speaking to Locke through an unconscious Eko?
A: It was the Island, speaking through Eko.
Why is Boone "the sacrifice the Island demanded?"
A: He wasn't.
Why did Locke build his sweat lodge right inside Eko's church-to-be?
A: Locke built it there because he felt that it was a "spiritual" location.
Why did Locke ask for Charlie's help to stand guard at the sweat lodge?
A: He didn't want to be disturbed, and picked Charlie out of convenience.

3.04 "Every Man for Himself"

3.05 "The Cost of Living"
What were the images seen by Eko at the point of his death, of he and his brother as children?
A: Eko didn't actually see the images, only the audience did, a heartwarming way to end the character.
How was MiB able to kill Eko, when Eko was a candidate?
Who or what were the images of Emeka's gang, that attack Eko in the jungle?
Who or what was the image of the boy Daniel, that appeared to Eko in the jungle?

3.06 "I Do"

3.07 "Not in Portland"
What is the nature of Edmund Burke's death-by-bus?
A: The Others engineered it.

3.08 "Flashes Before Your Eyes"
Which was demonstrated to be true: "Course Correction" or "Whatever Happened, Happened?"
A: Both concepts were demonstrated to be true.
Why did Desmond say that things in the Flashes would happen, which ultimately didn't happen?
A: In some cases Desmond misinterpreted what he saw. In other cases somebody "changed the picture."

3.09 "Stranger in a Strange Land"
What do Jack's tattoos really mean?
A: I got drunk and lost a bet to Jennifer Love Hewitt.

3.10 "Tricia Tanaka is Dead"

3.11 "Enter 77"

3.12 "Par Avion"

3.13 "The Man from Tallahassee"
Did Locke really blow up the submarine?
A: Yes, Locke really blew up the submarine.

3.14 "Exposť"

3.15 "Left Behind"

3.16 "One of Us"
Did Jacob really cure Rachel's cancer?
A: No.

3.17 "Catch-22"
Why do the Flashes show things that ultimately don't happen?
A: Because Desmond's actions changed the future seen in the Flashes, as Hawking described w/ Red Shoes.
Why did Desmond say that things in the Flashes would happen, which ultimately didn't happen?
A: In some cases Desmond misinterpreted what he saw. In other cases somebody "changed the picture."

3.18 "D.O.C."
What was Dharma's original purpose for the hidden vault in The Staff?
A: A place to hide and/or store valuable materials for the experiments.

3.19 "The Brig"

3.20 "The Man Behind the Curtain"
What is the truth about "Jacob's Cabin?"
A: Built by Horace. Used by Jacob for meetings, until the ash circle was broken & MiB began using it.
What are the rules for the Ash?
A: The Smoke Monster cannot cross an unbroken ash line.

3.21 "Greatest Hits"
What's the significance of the two times we see Charlie play "Wonderwall?"
A: These are two separate events. Same location, different day.
Why didn't Claire and Aaron ever get on a helicopter?
A: They would have gotten on a helicopter, but interference from someone "changed the picture."
Why did Richard ask Ben if Locke had seen Jacob?
A: Because Richard believes it's possible that Ben and Locke had gone to go meet Jacob.
Did Richard really believe Ben had new orders from Jacob?
A: No.

3.22 "Through The Looking Glass" Part 1
What is the nature of "Taller Ghost Walt?"
A: It was actually Walt.
What did "Taller Ghost Walt" say to Locke, and/or tell him to do?
A: Don't kill yourself. Put the gun down. Get up. You can move your legs. Get out of the ditch. You have work to do. Stop Naomi from bringing the rest of her people to the Island.

3.23 "Through The Looking Glass" Part 2
Who was the musician that programmed the code in The Looking Glass?
A: Someone we've heard of, but not one of the above.
Were they supposed to leave the Island?
A: Both yes and no.

Season 4

4.01 "The Beginning of the End"
When Hurley tells Jack, "It wants us to come back." What did Hurley mean by "it?"
A: The Island.
Who or what was the image of Charlie that visited Hurley while he was off-Island?
What was the image of Jacob's Cabin that mysteriously disappeared after Hurley saw it?

4.02 "Confirmed Dead"
Considering that a corpse has had a flashback, what exactly ARE the "woosh" flashbacks on LOST?

4.03 "The Economist"

4.04 "Eggtown"

4.05 "The Constant"
What time period does Desmond's skipping consciousness originate from in "The Constant?"
A: 1994

4.06 "The Other Woman"

4.07 "Ji Yeon"

4.08 "Meet Kevin Johnson"
Why does a Dharma logo mark the location of The Temple on Ben's map?
Who or what was preventing Michael from dying?
Who or what was the image of Libby that visited Michael in the hospital?
A: It was the ghost of Libby.
Who or what was the image of Libby that appeared to Michael on the freighter?
A: It was the Man in Black.
If the bomb wasn't going to explode, why did "Libby" tell Michael, "Don't do it?"
A: Libby didn't want him to make an immoral choice to try to blow up innocents. A bid to save his soul.
Was Michael's "bomb" fake?
A: No, the bomb was real.

4.09 "The Shape of Things to Come"
SFA: What is the nature of the "rules" between Ben and Widmore?
Did Widmore's freighter mission really have objectives to capture Ben & kill everyone on the Island?
A: Yes. Those really were the objectives.
Was Nadia really killed by Bakir?
A: No, Ben was lying about that.

4.10 "Something Nice Back Home"
Who or what is causing Jack to suffer from an appendicitis?
A: It was just regular appendicitis, caused by conventional reasons.
What does "ghost Charlie" mean by telling Jack "you're not supposed to raise him?"
A: He meant "you're not supposed to raise Aaron."
Who is the person "ghost Charlie" is saying will visit Jack?
Who or what was the image of Christian that Jack saw in the hospital?
A: The ghost of Christian Shephard, foreshadowed by Charlie.

4.11 "Cabin Fever"
Does Jacob's Cabin actually change physical locations, or does it just APPEAR to be moving?
Who or what is "Horace" that appears in Locke's dream?

4.12 "There's No Place Like Home
Who or what caused the Numbers to appear on the odometer and trip meter of Hurley's car?

QQ1 = Question Quiz Review 1
QQ2 = Question Quiz Review 2

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Re: LOST: SFA: The Answers So Far

but how will you decide a winner sarge ?
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Re: LOST: SFA: The Answers So Far

Originally Posted by nicholas urfe View Post
but how will you decide a winner sarge ?
I won't. You guys will, via the polls consisting of the questions you all thought up, and the possible answers you all thought up. The first ones go up tonight.
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Re: LOST: SFA: The Answers So Far

Post #1 has been updated!
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Re: LOST: SFA: The Answers So Far

Post #1 has been updated!
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Re: LOST: SFA: The Answers So Far

Hey, Sarge, has post #1 been updated yet?

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Re: LOST: SFA: The Answers So Far

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Re: LOST: SFA: The Answers So Far

Can't wait for more polls so we can get some more ANSWERS!
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Re: LOST: SFA: The Answers So Far

I hate to sound like a meany, but this thread could probably use some updating. I just like to have answers all in one place to refer back to. I wouldn't mind helping to update it if need be.
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Re: LOST: SFA: The Answers So Far

That would be fantastic, Locutus! Help would be greatly appreciated!

You see the format I'm using in post #1, if you want to go ahead an post an update here (or PM me, if you prefer), I will cut/paste your update into Post #1.

Let me know if you have any questions about the format.
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