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LOST Theories So you think you know some secrets of the island? Maybe you can explain everything. If it's original and you can back it up, we'd love to hear it.

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+ 16 years? Something doesn't make sense...Time question.

I apologize as this is not actually a theory, but it's something I noticed while watching Solitary. I'm looking for help because maybe others saw what I saw, or didn't see to be more specific.

First off, let me start by saying that Sayid is the worst interrogator in military history, and if he's representative of the Iraqi military, it's no wonder we won the first Gulf War so easily. He just doesn't ask the right questions...but that's probably not his fault, he's not a dumb character, he's just "written that way". There's one thing he could have said or asked to Danielle in that episode that most people would have said if they were in his position 9 times out of 10. The fact that he didn't might mean something...so we'll see.

Have you ever seen A Few Good Men with Tom Cruise as a military lawyer? There's a great scene where he asks about this private that was killed the night before he was supposed to be transfered early the next morning. So in the investigation, he goes to see the soldiers quarters, and after reviewing that area, he notices something very wrong, and in court asks, "I'm wondering why Private Santiago never packed." He explains that this guy was leaving for the rest of his life from this base and he hadn't packed a thing as of late the night before, and later establishes logically that the reason he never packed was because he wasn't planning on leaving. Its a great "Ah haa!" moment in the film.

So here's what I'm wondering about Danielle's little hideout:
If she was part of a scientific team in 1988 and scientists usually have modern equipment and the latest technology, then why were there no modern plastic items anywhere to be seen in her things?


If she had crashed 16 years ago, that would be right around 1988 right? So lets see, most scientific equipment around that time would have been made of modern plastics or resins. Most things in general day to day use, as far as transport cases for their equipment to various nautical items would have been made out of plastic or fiberglass.

So I went through her belongings last night, I studied her environment, and here's what I saw and what I didn't see. Almost everything I could make out by freeze framing and looking at her possessions looked older than circa 1988. Most everything was made from metal and wood. Now I'm not saying that she's from the 40's but there has to be some reason why she has what she has, so here's a list:

* An old wood crate, possible with a military symbol on it.
* Old metal box spring bed, non-standard size, possible military equipment again.
* An old nautical lamp, like really old, we're talking antique. The kind that would be a hanging port or starboard lamp, made of metal.
* An old oil lamp. I'm sure as a scientist in 1988 heading off to sea, I'd make sure I had all my gear, all my expensive equipment from whoever was funding my operation, I'd have my batteries of all kinds and my flashlights, my flares, and oh yeah...don't forget the oil lamp. (?)
* A metal locker.
* A metal table.
* A metal washtub.
* An old metal light fixture.
* An old wood chair.

Now most of these items could be consistent with the military issue equipment you would find on an older science "vessel or ship" as she referred to it. But everything she has in her shelter looks old and heavy, and they must have had a boat of some kind to transport these items from the ship to the shore after it ran aground. Again, plastic items would be durable and lighter to move and probably would float, so it stands to reason that if they had the ability to get the locker and bed and all the fencing required to make that shelter off the ship, they would have been able to gather anything that was useful and made of plastic. But it just doesn't look like there's anything modern in her possessions. So either her things are older than they should be or she got them from some other place on the island, an abandoned military base let's say. Well, we haven't seen one yet and she didn't mention one, so for now we have to just move forward with what we know.

There are a couple of maybes: There's a blue nylon mesh bag, and the jumper cables and batteries look at least 1970's era...but those are the only things that look like they would be OUT OF PLACE in the 1960's. Here's a quick link if you want to know the recent history of plastics and production.


All you have to know is that stuff like the nylon bag and the jumper cable casings could be older than you think because plastics became the most widely used production material class back in 1976. So since 1976 there's been a whole lot a plastic stuff floating around, but not so much in Danielle's things.

Also, her nautical maps looked old, I guess that they could have been bleached out somewhat over time, but still not modern. She had a bunch of pencils. I'm pretty sure I used pens about 98% of the time when I was writing stuff back in '88. Scientists need to write down facts and figures most of the time, they rarely use pencils because things written with pencil can be erased or changed. Sure she needed it for the drawing of the island (which is a whole other post, I need to get a screen capture of that), and she did have a bunch of equations written on other sheets of paper, but the fact that I didn't see ANY ink pens was weird too.

So all that is strange but the things I noticed the most were the two medical items she had. For one, that syringe looked old and nasty, glass and metal, it did not look like the kind of syringe that would be in a medical first aid kit on a science ship in 1988. And the one thing I got from freeze framing was that the surgical tape she used had a label that you could make out. The label said it was made by the 'something something Division' of 'something Davis & Co.' from a city in 'Conn'. And there it was: Conn.

So let me get this straight...this is surgical adhesive tape that she got from the ship's medical supplies from her 1988 science expedition. And the label says this modern tape was made in "Conn" (for Connecticut). I checked with the US Postal service. In 1956, they came out with the Standardized Address Format, and in 1963 the announced the move towards the use of State Postal Codes. Basically, after 1963, they really pushed people and companies to use the two letter state abbreviations. Before that, a lot of companies used the older four letter abbreviations or the entire word. Thus, sometime shortly after 1963, most medical manufacturers would have changed their labeling in accordance with the new regulations.

Bottom Line - I'm having a hard time believing that a 1988 science expedition team would have such outdated medical supplies, and such old looking equipment in general.

Even her rifles looked fairly old, not really old, but not very modern either. And as the writers obviously didn't want to give anything away, because Danielle was wearing nondescript, military-style pants and a sweater. It's not like she was wearing a Bobby McFerrin "Don't Worry, Be Happy" t-shirt with acid wash jeans, and asking Sayid "who shot J.R.?" on Dallas, so you can't really tell anything by her clothes.

So what are we left with? More questions I'm afraid.

How do we know Danielle has only been there 16 years?

We don't. Sayid told her that the message he picked up had been playing for 16 years and she first seemed confused that he was able to pick up the message at all, and then she said, "Has it been that long?"

All our genius interrogator Sayid had to do was say "Yes, it's been playing for 16 years, it's 2004 now." and we could have got a reaction and some much needed information. I'm sure I'd want to know what year it was if I saw someone after being stranded for god knows how long and I'd lost track of time. I'd be asking that first, and then all of my "Have the Lions won the Super Bowl yet?" and "Who's the President?" questions. But figuring out how long I'd been on the island would be right at the top of my list of things I'd ask Sayid if I were Danielle. She didn't, probably for a reason, because she's "written that way".

If she has been there for 16 years, how do we know that it's really 2004 on the Island?

Again, we don't. If she was late 20's when she left, say 28, adding 16 years would make her about 44. She looks like she could be anywhere from 40 to 50 to me. But her stuff looks older than 1988.

So is it possible that she has really been there for about 16 years, but the year they left Tahiti WASN'T 1988?

Until I see something a little more modern in her possessions or hear her actually say "We left port in 1988.", I'd say it's open for speculation.

So there you have it. A little fodder for you time travel/wormhole/dimensional shift believers. Have at it and let me know what you think, and as always, if you can find any more information about Danielle's stuff from reviewing the episode, please feel free to add it here. I'm not saying there's enough proof yet to say there's a time anomaly here, I'm just looking for the truth. Maybe some of you can't handle the truth.

(Ha Ha) - Pinnerman out.
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Wynter Zera
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Once again Pinnerman makes our brain hurt.

Hmmm, I kinda noticed some of that myself now that you mentioned it. That syringe for one bugged me last night. I guess it's possible that THEY (Alex and co) might have taken the best stuff.

I think it's dangerous to take everything Danielle said for absolute truth. She obviously isn't all there. It's hard to know how realiable she is.
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Burned the Raft
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I'd imagine the French team would have become Lost on the island well before the message was made. They explored the island, set up the camp together, maybe even procreated(although I don't think her "child" was an actual son or daughter), then all that chaos occurred that killed her team. Maybe they were there 30 years ago and survived together for 14 years before the mayhem and ensuing message was created.

Great detective work pinnerman.

I posted an image of the map here Map of the island?
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WOW - that is some really detailed analysis. I didn't even catch those details. My comment is based on something much more mundane than micro- analysis - my gut.

If I'm not mistaken, Danielle never admitted to making the recording of the distress call. If I am mistaken, please disregard the rest of this message.

Like you said, if I were Danielle I would be asking a ton of questions - first off "Are you real?" The mind can play tricks on a person, especially when the person is completely alone for years. I'm not sure about the whole time traveling/inter-dimensional traveling, etc., but I don't think Danielle has been there for 16 years.

As a woman, the first thing that makes me question how long she has been on the island is her appearance - her hair is long - but if she went sixteen years without a haircut, her hair should be down to at least her knees, if not longer. May be she has scissors to cut her hair - if so, then why not cut it short - long hair can get in the way (trust me - I have it). If she doesn't want short hair, the hair should be braided or put in ponytail. Living on an island like that I'm sure most of her time is spent hunting and gathering food. She also seems to be paranoid so she'll react to any sound she hears. If her hair is not pulled back or short, it will fly in front of her face, a few strands could get caught on her eyelashes and her view will be obstructed. It just doesn't make sense the way her hair is styled.

OK - maybe the hair is reaching a little bit - but what about her clothes? They appeared to be in good shape, they don't look to be 16 years old. I have a jacket that I bought in 1984 that I still have but the fabric is starting to fray and the zipper doesn't work. Maybe it's just me, but with being on island the clothes would be subject to salt water, all types of insects and extreme wear and tear causing the material to just disintegrate.

Also, what is she eating? I know there is food on the island, but she seemed to have a decent shape - she wasn't stick thin. I watch Survivor and after 39 days on a tropical island most of the contestants have lost at least 15% of their body weight (some more).

Like I said maybe I'm reaching - but those couple of things bugged. I'd like to hear from anyone else who also found things that bugged them about Danielle.
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WOW! Just... wow. Pinnerman, I really admire the depth of your research and observation. I really think you're on to something here. It's possible, I suppose, that Danielle's equipment just looked old because that's "just the way they did it," but going with the theory that nothing is there by accident, I do think this was meant as some kind of clue (especially since you were able to make out the label on the first aid tape... very interesting). It seems to me that either the equipment in Danielle's lair was either stuff that was already there, from previous inhabitants, or that there is a time anomaly here. I trust that you will keep on top of this situation and watch for more clues... I'm afraid I never would have thought to examine her stuff for time authenticity.
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Maybe all the ink pens ran out of ink? Also not all scientists use pens. Alot of times scientists in the field (like biologists etc) use pencils because ink runs when it gets wet.
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edens demise
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From Pinnerman: In Soliatry, I also noticed this symbol on a crate behind Sayid when he was tied down. It looks like a French military symbol, but it could be anything. If anyone recognizes it and understands it's significance, please post that plus a link to your source if you have one. Thanks

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....or it's simply a Hollywood TV show and the continuity department is underpaid
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my theory.... Whatever living conditions the other survivors her crash used she has been chased away from. Now she has been forced to scavenge for scraps- living in a hut. Its the same idea that the people on the beach will always live a much rougher life than people in the caves.
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Raff44, I would say that is a big "no". This show is supposed to be very very careful with all of the background items, and things are supposedly all intentional. There are no accidents...
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