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Organized Community Distraction Yet another in a long series of diversions in an attempt to avoid responsibility.

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Lost-TV Mafia: Blind Role Madness

Welcome to LTV's second installment of Mafia's Role Madness. Firstly, Iíd like to thank Ian for the genius idea of Role Madness, the last game was a blast even if it was short. For this edition, Iíve come up with some major changes to the rules to help safeguard against certain strategies that might cause the game to be short lived, so I recommend each of you read them all. (Advice that will be ignored, amirite?)

Sign-ups are now opened. The hosts will be Vonnegut and myself. To sign up please send a pm to both of us with your email attached. Sign-ups close on the 7th of February where all roles will be e-mailed and the game will begin on Monday the 9th on the night phase. Roles will be decided through RNG.

If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask in the thread or in PM and as always newbies are very welcome (and encouraged) to join in.

Spoiler: RULES
Lost-TV Mafia

* Mafia is a social game pitting an uninformed majority (the Town) against an informed minority (the Mafia). The Mafia will make up somewhere between 1/4 and 1/3 of the population of the town, depending on the number of players, and the number of Mafia will be announced at the start of the game. The Mafia know each other's identities, but the innocents do not know who to trust.

* The game progresses through the cycle of night and day; at night, the Mafia secretly agree to kill one innocent citizen of the town. That person is now out of the game and cannot participate, discuss, or communicate in any way to any other player about the game. After the night phase, the day phase commences a trial to determine who will be held responsible for the previous night's murder. At the end of the trial, one player is executed by a vote of the remaining players, their identity (Town or Mafia) is revealed, and they join the ranks of the dead (no talking). These cycles repeat, night and day, two killings per cycle, as the number of players grows smaller and smaller.

* The most important rule in Mafia is as follows: NO WHISPERING. The entire game will be self-contained in one thread, and there will be no discussion of the game permitted by anyone (current players, "dead" players, or curious onlookers) outside of the official thread. No peanut gallery. No PMs. No Skype chat. No phone calls. Nothing. This is the cardinal rule, and everyone who signs up to play is pledging that they will, on their honor, follow this rule at all times. When discussion is permitted in the thread (during the Day Phase), it is a relative free-for-all with (almost) no restrictions on what you can say, but the key is that all conversation must take place publicly, so that everyone involved in the game can see everything that was said.

* There should be ZERO CONVERSATION ABOUT MAFIA by anyone outside of the thread, even if (ESPECIALLY IF) you are dead. The dead *may* set up their own private Skype or other chat thread to talk only amongst themselves, but at no point should any player, dead OR alive, initiate or further any kind of conversation about the game while it is going on outside of the approved channels. If it gets back to me, you will be banned from all further Mafia games. If it appears to be a significant problem, there will be no more Mafia games. It's that serious, and the integrity of the entire game hinges on it. This is your last warning, EVERYBODY.

Secret Identities

At the beginning of the game you will be sent a PM or an email by the host giving you your secret identity. At no point during the game are you to divulge any specific information from this PM/email, and you may not forward it on to any other player. You may, of course, claim to have any identity you like, but what you can't do is, for example, post a screenshot of the PM/email you received in order to prove your innocence, or note any specific details about the PM/email such as its timestamp, font, etc.

In this edition of the game, each and every player will have a special, unique role with special properties that no other player has. No other player will know your role but you. This applies to both mafia and town alike. Trust partners within the town have been removed from this edition of the game.

The mafia will know who the other members of the mafia are, but not the special roles given to their fellow mafia. In trying to keep with the spirit of Blind Role Madness the members of the mafia will not be permitted to tell each other what their secret role or special abilities are in the night phase e-mail. The penalty for divulging special mafia powers in the mafia e-mail will be the loss of those special powers. DO NOT DO IT. If a member of the mafia wishes to use their special power according to the rules provided within their role description, they are to either e-mail or PM both hosts without any other members of the mafia included in the message.

* If any special town roles are killed, either by the Mafia at Night or by the Town during the day, their powers die with them, and the remainder of the game operates without that particular role. If a Mafia member is killed during the day, the game continues as long as at least one Mafia member remains.

Dead is Dead

* Once you are killed, either by the Mafia at Night or by the Town during the Day, you are out of the game, and prohibited from posting in the thread until the game is complete. You are also prohibited from discussing the game with active players for any reason. This includes Mafia who die; you cannot send PMs to your old Mafia colleagues about the game, strategy, etc., until the game is over. Once you die, you will be given the option to know the secret identities of the special roles, and dead people are free to discuss (via PM or other private conversation ONLY) with the hosts or with other dead people any aspect of the game that they wish, but no information, communication, etc. may be conveyed at any time to the "living." This will be a tempting rule to break, especially if (for example), you are the Sheriff and you are killed overnight on the same night you discovered the identity of the last Mafia member. DO NOT BREAK THIS RULE. Take a walk, vent to the hosts, commiserate with your fellow dead, but from the moment one host declares you dead until the moment the game is declared over, remain silent to all other active players and do not post in the thread for ANY reason (even sarcastic comments that seem unrelated to the game are forbidden).

The Night Phase

* Every round begins with the Night Phase. The host will announce the start of the Night Phase by saying "Everyone go to sleep." At this point the thread is closed (Mods willing, locked) and no communication about the game of any kind is permitted between players, with the exception of the Mafia. You are "asleep" until the host "reawakens" you in the morning. At this point the host will call for each of the special roles to PM or email him a decision:

There is a change in the way investigative roles (should there be any)will be provided their results. In the case of roles such as a Sheriff or Deputy the results of your investigation will be provided to you via PM at some point before the beginning of the day phase. In the case of an investigative role such as the oracle or the journalist, the results of the investigation will remain unchanged. The name of the player and their role would be announced in the thread.

- The Mafia must decide, collectively, who they would like to kill. During the Night Phase, and ONLY during the Night Phase, the Mafia may exchange PMs or emails ONLY (no Skype, chat, texts, phone calls, - PMs or emails ONLY!) with the host(s) copied on all communication. These PMs may include strategy discussion, or not, but regardless, the group must come to a consensus on their next intended victim. The host reserves the right to hurry the Mafia up, ask for clarification, or use his own discretion in trying to determine who the Mafia's intended victim was if there is no clear consensus from the PMs or emails that are exchanged. Once the host wakes everyone up the next morning, the PMs/emails MUST STOP until the next night. Secret Mafia communication is ONLY permitted at Night; during the day, any info that the Mafia need to pass on to each other must be communicated openly in the thread, just like the rest of the townspeople. Dead Mafia are no longer permitted to be part of the Secret Nighttime Conversations.

* Once all decisions have been submitted to the host, the host will announce in the thread (unlocking if necessary) the results of the previous Night: the player killed (if there was a successful murder) along with their secret identity (Townsperson, Sheriff, Doctor, Deputy, Nurse, etc.). If a savior role such as a Doctor or Nurse was successful in saving the Mafia's intended target, the host will simply say "There was an attempted murder last night." If a Traitor was converted, the host will say so. With this announcement from the host, the Day Phase begins.

The Day Phase

* The purpose of the Day Phase is to arrange a trial and avenge the blood of the previous night's victim. (In the event of an attempted murder, there is still a trial and an execution. What can I say? We take crime seriously in this town.)

* As long as the trial has not started, the thread is open for discussion by any active (not dead) player, and with the exception of the aforementioned restriction on sharing information about that initial PM, players may say ABSOLUTELY ANYTHING. You may lie, you may tell the truth, you may fling around accusations wildly, or play things close to the vest. It is entirely up to you how you want to proceed, just remember that all conversation must be public in the thread, and remember your goal (either to ferret out and execute Mafia members, or to escape detection and convict innocent townspeople instead). You will find that there are as many unique approaches to the Day Phase as there are personalities on this forum; have fun and approach it however you think will help your side achieve its ultimate goal.

* If needed, the host may attempt to move conversation along in order to facilitate a trial.

Setting Up a Trial: Nominations and Seconds

* Every day there must be a trial with AT LEAST two defendants, but especially early on, there may be more than two. The way someone gets "put on trial" is to be nominated and seconded by two other players. Every player may nominate or second only one player per day, and no one may nominate or second themselves. So, because it takes two players to put one defendant on trial, a minimum of four players (two defendants minimum) must either nominate or second in a given day. By extension, the maximum number of defendants in a given trial is going to be the total number of players, divided in half, rounded down in case of an odd number. So if the day starts with 10 players in the game, there could be as many as 5 defendants (again, no fewer than two). If the day starts with 9 players, there can be as many as 4 defendants (since each defendant must be put on trial by two separate people, the ninth person could not get a fifth defendant on trial because there would be no one left who could second their nomination).

* In order to announce a nomination or a second, you must, in your post, say "I NOMINATE _____________" or "I SECOND ___________." Please use all caps, bold if you like, so that it is obvious when scrolling through the thread who has been nominated. Note that the language of "nominate" or "second" is not critical and the terms can be used interchangeably; two players may both "nominate" a defendant to get them on trial; the second person does not have to specifically use the word "second." If three players all nominate/second a defendant, the first two in the thread will "count" and the third one does not; that person still retains the ability to nominate/second someone else.

* Before nominations are closed by the host, they may only be withdrawn if the withdrawal of the nomination would still leave an intact trial. Before two defendants have been placed on trial, no nominations or seconds can be removed. If there are three defendants on trial, one player may remove his/her nomination on one of the defendants (thus removing them from trial) because there is still an intact trial of at least two defendants. To remove a nomination, say "I REMOVE MY NOMINATION OF ____________." Before nominations are closed, you may switch your nomination to someone else, provided again that the switch does not result in a situation where there are not two defendants on trial.

* Examples, because that's sometimes easier:

- There are six players left in the game at the beginning of the Day Phase: IwannaBlost, The Central Scrutinizer, Mattie, MinaKitty, Dezie, and Frecklestoo.

- IWBL nominates TCS. There is currently no one on trial, so this nomination cannot yet be removed.

- Mina seconds IWBL's nomination of TCS. TCS is currently on trial, but because there are not yet two defendants on trial, we do not have an "intact trial" situation, so those nominations cannot be removed. At this point, at least two of the remaining four players MUST agree on another defendant before the game can move to a trial. IWBL and Mina have already used their nominating power and cannot nominate anyone else.

- TCS decides to get revenge and nominates IWBL. There is still one defendant on trial (TCS) and one with a single nomination (IWBL).

- Frecklestoo nominates Mattie. There is still no "intact trial" because while TCS is on trial, IWBL has one nomination, and Mattie has one nomination. Neither of them is on trial yet.

- Mattie, feeling the heat, decides to second TCS's nomination of IWBL. TCS and IWBL are now on trial. Mattie has one nomination. At this point, only Dezie has not nominated someone. Dezie can, if she likes, second Frecks' nomination of Mattie for a third defendant. She can decide to do nothing. Or, she can nominate someone else and try to get someone to switch their nomination.

- Dezie decides to nominate Mina. At this point TCS and IWBL are on trial, Mattie and Mina have one nomination each.

- IWBL likes her chances against Mina better than against TCS, so she decides to remove her original nomination of TCS and place it on Mina. Note that she can do this now because by seconding Mina, we still have an "intact trial" of at least two defendants (IWBL and Mina; TCS is no longer on trial since one of his two nominations was removed). She could NOT, however, have removed her nomination to place it, for example, on Dezie, or to leave it unused, because that would result in no "intact trial" of at least two defendants.

The Trial

* At a certain point, the host will close nominations and call for defenses. Discussion is still permitted at this point, but this will be the last time that anyone other than a defendant may speak up in the thread before the Night Phase.

* Every defendant submits their "defense" to the host via PM. This is their last chance to sway the voters to spare them. They can say whatever they want in these defenses, and other than the other defendants' submissions, this will be the "last word" as players will not be allowed to respond, either with rebuttals, follow-up questions, etc. A defendant is not required to submit a defense.

* Once the host has received all defenses, or the deadline for submitting them has passed, the host will close all discussion in the thread and proceed to the official trial. At this point, no one else, defendants or otherwise, may speak up in the thread. The host posts all players' defenses and calls for a vote.


* Every player is required to vote at the trial. Defendants also vote (unless there are only two defendants on trial, in which case, their votes would cancel each other out). Your vote is to execute one player, and you may vote for any of the defendants. You cannot vote for yourself. You do NOT have to vote for the player you nominated/seconded, and in fact, many times you won't. You will PM your vote to the host.

* Once all the votes have been received, the host will reveal the results, including who voted for whom. In case of a tie, there will be a re-vote between the tied defendants only. There will be no opportunity for new defenses or discussion, but there will simply be a re-vote. Re-votes will continue until the tie is broken (see the exception, below, for a four-players-remaining scenario). The player receiving the most votes (does not have to be a majority, in the case of more than two defendants) is executed. They are immediately out of the game, the host reveals their secret identity, and then the host IMMEDIATELY moves the game to Night Phase, with no further discussion by the living players until the next Day.

Four Players Left

* With four players and fewer left, the previous rules about trials go out the window. If there are four players left in the game and it is Day, three of the players must simply agree to turn on the fourth. There are no nominations or seconds, you simply state, in the thread, "I VOTE FOR ____________." (All caps again, please.) These votes can be removed only to be placed on another player; you cannot remove your vote in order to "hold onto it" for later. Once three players have voted for the same fourth player, that player is immediately considered to be executed (even if the host hasn't officially announced it, they're dead - in this case the game is on pause until the host arrives to announce the result). The host then announces the secret identity of the executed player, and if the game is still going, moves it into the next Night Phase.

* There may be a scenario where three players CANNOT and WILL NOT agree on a fourth to execute. This is especially likely when two Mafia remain, and the other two innocent players know those two Mafia's identities. In this case, the host may impose a deadline, after which he will randomly select one player to be executed (this would be the equivalent of drawing for the purple rock to you Survivor fans). The players themselves may unanimously agree to do this before the host-imposed deadline if they would like.

* The same rules apply for day phases with three players as they do for four. Two have to turn on one. If there is an intractable 1-1-1 tie, random number generator will be used to choose the next victim.

Ending the Game

* The game ends under one of the following conditions:

- All Mafia are dead. Town wins.

- The Mafia outnumber the Town . whether at night or during the day. Mafia wins.
- In any scenario where one mafia and one town remain, the tie will be determined by the hosts based on the manner in which their special abilities interact with each other

Timeline and Logistics

*Each Night/Day/Trial/Voting period will last no more than three days, ideally two. The hosts will impose deadlines as they see fit, roughly along the following schedule (days of the week are shown as examples for the sake of clarity; the actual cycle could start on any weekday):

- Night Phase commences - Monday between 9 AM and 10 AM ET. Mafia discuss their targets, Sheriff and Doctor submit their choices to the host. No activity in the thread.

- Night Phase ends with the announcement of the previous Night's results - Tuesday between 9 AM and 10 AM ET. Day Phase commences at this time with open discussion, nominations, and seconds.

- Host closes nominations and calls for defenses - Tuesday between 9 PM and 10 PM ET. Discussion still permitted while defenses are being submitted. (Provisional Defenses can be submitted early by players who won't be around in the evening if they prefer.)

- Host closes discussion, posts defenses, and calls for votes - Tuesday between 11 PM and 12 AM ET. No activity in the thread.

- Trial results are announced, Day Phase ends, and the next Night Phase commences - Wednesday between 9 AM and 10 AM ET. Lather, rinse, repeat.

* In the above example, that's 48 hours for the entire night phase and day phase, trial, and voting. The first 24 hours are pretty quiet, the second 24 hours pretty active. Note that the only thing you HAVE to do in there is to vote on Tuesday evening after defenses have been submitted. Based on how discussion, nominations, and seconds are progressing, and depending on tie votes, there may be a need to push forward into a third day. There should never be a need for a Day Phase to go longer than 48 hours. Note that due to the schedule of the hosts, the Night Phase will ALWAYS commence between 9 AM and 10 AM ET on a weekday morning. Saturdays and Sundays are not counted as part of the 24-72 hour window. So if a Night Phase starts on Friday morning, the host will not move to the Day Phase until Monday morning. If a Day Phase starts on Friday morning, and if the host calls for votes on Friday evening, results will not be announced until Monday morning. You may reasonably expect to never have to be online on Saturday or Sunday, although if discussion is currently active over the weekend during a Day Phase, you may feel free to keep discussing if you like.

Final Note

Please, please, please, we are serious, no outside conversations. If someone else in the game approaches you to talk about the game in any capacity, first of all, probably shouldn't trust them, but second, by signing up to play you are saying that you WILL report this person to the hosts immediately. The penalty will be at the discretion of the hosts, up to and including simply cancelling the entire game. That's how important this rule is, and how much breaking it undermines the whole point of the game. So just don't do it. Keep it in the thread, all the time.

Final Final Note

Once the roster of players is announced, everyone will have a default ballot assigned to them which we will use in case you ever forget to vote. So for example if this is our roster:

1. Player A
2. Player B
3. Player C
4. Player D
5. Player E
6. Player F

Then Player A's automatic provisional ballot would be Player B, Player C, Player D, Player E, then Player F. Player B's ballot would start at Player C. Player E's ballot would start at Player F, then loop around to the top of the list.

Everyone will be able to submit their own provisional ballot at any time.

If I've missed updating a section for one of the new rules, and it's common sense, please use your common sense to interpret it accordingly. If it doesn't make sense, please let me know as soon as you can so I can clarify. Before the game starts if at all possible.

Spoiler: Roles

Haha just kidding! Youíll just have to wait and see as the game plays on.

Spoiler: Cast List
Cmdr Spock
Rocky Raccoon

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Re: Lost-TV Mafia: Blind Role Madness

Wow, this is going to be interesting!
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Re: Lost-TV Mafia: Blind Role Madness

Kinda liking this! Take everything you know about and are comfortable with....and throw it right out the window! This basically makes this brand spanking new
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Re: Lost-TV Mafia: Blind Role Madness

I don't like that we won't get the sheriff investigation results. That's assuming, I guess, that we definitely get a sheriff?

And in the eventuality (unlikely as it is) that it's 1-1 at the end, and the hosts "compare roles", is that assuming both roles are still active?
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Re: Lost-TV Mafia: Blind Role Madness

I'm bored already.
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Re: Lost-TV Mafia: Blind Role Madness

Originally Posted by scotpgot! View Post
I don't like that we won't get the sheriff investigation results. That's assuming, I guess, that we definitely get a sheriff?

And in the eventuality (unlikely as it is) that it's 1-1 at the end, and the hosts "compare roles", is that assuming both roles are still active?
That's the thing. You aren't supposed to know what any of the roles are while they are still active. If we give investigation results in the thread (assuming there is a sheriff and not something way way better) then you'll know there's a sheriff. It goes against the point of this version of the game.

If neither role is still active then they would be treated like a regular townie and regular mafia. In that instance the mafia would win the 1-1 tie.

If there are 2 active roles and it comes down to host decision, we will provide our reasoning for who won. If necessary we may bring in a neutral third party to help decide if we can't agree between us.
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Re: Lost-TV Mafia: Blind Role Madness

I see.

Thank you.
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Re: Lost-TV Mafia: Blind Role Madness

You can thank me by signing up.
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Re: Lost-TV Mafia: Blind Role Madness

So you are not able to roleclaim?
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Re: Lost-TV Mafia: Blind Role Madness

If you want to give role claiming a try you can. Don't know how well it would work since no one has any info that would make it possible to tell if it was the truth or not.
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